The Angels Forgotten | Construction
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New School Library

The School library is coming up despite Covid. Our children need a place they can come and find books on the weekends and when school is on break. Books will keep our children occupied doing the right thing. We will need people of goodwill to donate towards the purchase of books.

Our Painted Wall

We now have a beautifully painted mural on our wall. We wish you all a very successful happy new year.

Our New Construction is Completed

Thanks to very generous donors, we are very excited that our new construction enabling us to have elementary school level 6 classes is now finished. These level 6 classes will begin in 2016. Our goal is to add levels up to and including high school in the future.

Construction Update

We are very excited that our new construction is almost complete. We are doing the final touches and have also added a number of water tanks to collect rain water and some minor construction work to house our dogs.